3 December 2017

It is a day to meet fellow makers, to learn from each other and to feed the playful inner child.

14h – 18h Demonstrations, Presentations and Open Hacking / Creative Coding

Part of the line up presenting are:

PipsLab (Kees Duyves, Zeynep Gunduz)
Misiconi (Joop Ook)
New Path (Jerke van der Braak)
Node Based C++ Creative Coding Library (Marcel Smit)

14:00 Introduction talk
14:20  Jerke van den Braak New Path  Generative Music plugin for Ableton Live
14:50 Manuel Rodrigues M2Q is a synchronization tool for musicians and show designers.
15:20 Keez Duyves, Zeynep Gunduz Pipslab
16:30 Irma de Vries
17:00 Marcel Smit Node Based C++ Creative Coding Library
17:40 Joop Onk Misiconi 

Live Hacking will be possible on:

LED WALL + kinect
DMX Lights
ESP8266 (Arduino with wifi and small profile) with heart rate monitor
Mocap: 8x Optitrack S250E system
OSC and video streaming from and to San Francisco

18h – 19h dinner break, Mixtree is cooking for us! They are making a wonderful vegetarian couscous, with a free fresh mint tea.

19h – 21h30 Performances

A vibrant look into the collaboration material between hackers, dancers and musicians during Dance Hack NL 2017

This year’s collaborators are: Martin Bartels, Jerke van den Braak, Marcel Smit, Marlene Fally,  Caitlin Mc Donald, Mary Villesvik, Matthew Baskey, Lorenzo Marchiori, Laura Sarah Dowdall, Shai Cabili, Keerthi Basavarajaiah,  Jur de Vries, Cherie Cheung, Julie Mauskop, Stefania Petracca, Ria Stroes, Casey Scott Songin, Inna Kulanzhenova, Koos van der Elsen, Giuliana Dieni and other collaborators.

Location: Lely Aula (near Station Leleylaan)