Dance Hack 2017!

Hello World! Dance Hack 2017 is in full preparation! We are looking forward to seeing inspiring collaborations happen again. You can subscribe for a group that will do a short (max 15 minutes performance on December 3). These groups will be formed on December 2 and will consist of minimally 1 dancer/ choreographer, a musician (preferably code based, or interactive) and a visual artist or coder.

On December 3 we will also have open presentations / talks and organically organised workshops, next to the evening performance.

We will supply tables, projectors and space, you bring the rest.

The theme of this year is Global Weather. You can interpret it as you like: the political climate, or the global weather change we are experiencing. San Francisco will work with some global weather data from the Berkeley University.

There will be a data stream between San Francisco and Amsterdam. Previous years we had heart rate data of dancers transmitted via OSC. This year we will have multiple data stream, among which a video feed and the weather data.

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